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Why do we want to build a preschool in Kafountine?

Due to the working system, mainly on agriculture duties, it allows women to work accompanied with their babies (up to 3 years). Although, between the age of 3-5 years, normally women leave their children with a family member, often their older brother or sister. This fact usually derives in high school truancy from these members of the family, who stop attending school in order to assist their younger brothers.
In Kafountine there is only one preschool center,La misión de mangueline, which is private and it is located at the entrance of the village. Due to the distance and the low income, most of the families have no acces to this service.
Because of the stated reasons and also the petition coming from some women who are studyng at our literacy center, we have considered necessary to start a new pre school in the neighbourhood of Kabar.  

Consecuently our NGO would like to offer an opportunity to all these children by promoting scolarship and at the same time reducing the level of iliteracy in the area of Kafountine. For all these reasons we are building a preschool for children between 3 and 6 years old. The school will be free if their elder brothers and sisters (at a school age) are already attending any local school. We believe this would be the best way to make this service more accessible for the low income families.

Project timetable

Activities undertaken:

December 2011 A plot of land (40 x 40 m.) at the Kabar neighbourhood granted.
January 2012 Started brikwork and preparing the base of the building.
February - March 2012 Built 3 classes, 4 toilets, teacher's house and and fenced in the area.
March 2012 We conducted a census at Kabar. The results   are; 52 children of 3-4 years old, 40 children of 5 years old, 33 children of 6 years old. We engaged a local student (Rochi) as a teacher, who works together with two volunteers  Marta and Cristina who are also in charge of monitoring the project.
23 Març 2012 Enrolment day for children aged 6 years.
26 Març 2012 The classes started  with 32 pupils as a trial period until october.
Abril-Maig 2012 A group of voluntary dentist from the ngo Dentalcoop carried out dental hygiene workshops for children.

Activities to be carried out in the near future:

Juin 2012 Building a water well, water tank and  pipe installation.

Octobre 2012

Enrolment for the courses 2012-2013 & Official opening day.

If you are interested in following the progress of this project, please send us your e-mail and we'll keep you updated. We need volunteers to work in this school. See voluntary work section on this website.

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