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          Projects already achieved during 2009/2010/2011;

  • Computer shcool. There is a high demand from the local young people to learn new technologies. That's why we have opened a computer school, also because we think the use of new technologies will highly improve the chances for young people to find work in the near future. 

  • Raising awareness  campaign. Thanks to Fotofilm Calella  we got in touch with  Tanios Films from Barcelona and we have produced a documentary on inmigration and the living conditions of the senegalese people who live among us in Spain; this together with other films on environmental issues we have shown them throughout the region of Casamance. Focusing on the small islands around Kafountine because is where mainly most of the pirogues heading for Europe leave from. 
  • Photovoltaic solar energy. Actually with the suport from the Calella City Council we have installed a solar photovoltaic  system which provides electricity for the school, therefore we have reduced the energy expenses and have gained autonomy. 

  • Recycling waste point. In Kafountine like in the majority of other villages in the region, there is no garbage collection service. Often the waste ends up in improvised landfills, which during the rainy season get floaded and become a serious infection focus. Together with the City Council of Kafountine we are promoting the construction of a garbage collection center, where  we can select and recover different fractions of waste such as organic matter, plastics, batteries, etc. In one hand with this center, we aim to improve the health quality of the village and on the other hand create jobs.October 2011, we have achieved one part of the project and we are promoting new courses on recovery and transformation of tins into toys. The rest of the project will be complet as we raise the necessary funds.  
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  • Mobile School for adults, for the people living int the Karon islands. As Kafountine is surrounded by 14 islands sparsley populated with a short distance between them and without regular transport, all that makes it very difficult for ther inhabitants to come to our center in Kafountine. So therefore we have spoken with their representatives (Chefs de Village) of 5 islands and come to the conclusion that the easiest possible way for them to attend our courses would be to train a local teacher and to buy a small boat with outboard motor, to enable him to teach one day of the week at each island. Food and accommodation will be provided by the "Chef de Village" and our organization will be responsible for his salary, books and the necessary fuel for the boat journies. At the same time we could use the trips to transport the used batteries and other polluting materials to our recycling waste point in Kafountine. We are today actively looking for sponsorships. October 2011We are jointly working with SIL an ngo that works with ethnolinguistic minority communities www.sil.org . During the first course SIL will be in charge of the teachers and we will take care of coordinating the mobility and transport.
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  • Cultivation of Artemisia annua, There are several studies about the beneffits of this plant in curing malaria.
           A single wild shrub-Artemisia annua has become the touchstone for hopes that a successful battle can be waged                against Malaria .... ICRAF. The World Agroforestry Centre Southern Africa Programme
  • October 2011 We are planting this crop and we are distributing it for free to the population affected by malaria to see the results. 

2012-2013 NEW PROJECTS 
          We are currently carrying on this project;
  • Ambulance for Kafountine, 
The local health centre cannot perform any emergency surgical operations, including cesareans and pediatrics. The reason being they do not have their own ambulance, in emergency cases they have to call the ambulance from Diouloulou which can take up to 2 hours to arrive. Therefore they have asked us for help and we have been able to obtain an ambulance for them (donated by the ONG Banc de Recursos). At the same time we will be able to use it as a mobile dental surgery and visit villages neighbouring Kafountine, whose inhabitants are unable to afford to get to the local health centre.Hopefully we will be able to transfer the ambulance to Kafountine before the end of the year.
We are currently looking to make contacts with organizations working in the field of medicine, to assist us with this project.
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Presentation of the Ambulance on the Day of Solidarity, celebrated in Calella, 26th May 2012

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Community festivities

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the local economy

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Trips with pirogues


Literacy center for adults
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