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Our aim is to improve the access to primary education by teaching literacy courses to the adult population. Therefore we have built a school in the town of Kafountine, Senegal. At the beginning our work was focused on women. Now  after 3 years of running the school we have decided to open it to all, men and women who wish to attend.  


P1000582  45243 How we operate?

The classes are taught by  university students of the same ethnic group. In this way the young people of the region become involved in the education of their own community and also start a profession of their own.  

At present date the school has 130 students and several classes. Each teacher has 3 daily classes or an hour and a half each from 4 p.m onwards. In the mornings we have just started to english classes  for  young people  who in one  way or  another deal with  tourists.  Soon  we are also going to start  spanish lessons.

We have 4 teachers, 3 of them earn a salary and the other one we will pay his university expenses from the month of October onwards, due to lack of finance, 30% of the university students leave the university before finishing their degree.  (Books, registration, board and lodging are all very expensive, especially if they don’t come from where the university is located).

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The expenses for running the school such as: teachers wages, electric bills, cleanning and maintenance, etc. In order no to have to pay for those in the future, our project is designed to be self finance through the benefits obtained from tourist accommodation, restaurant and bicycle renting and guided tours, and others. All these are provided in the same site next to the school.

Out of the two guest houses, one is used for the teachers and volunteers accomodation and the other one is used for renting.

Concerning the guided excursions and bicycle renting, we work together with the local  association Amies de la Nature, we have 3 expert guides trainned on the local flora and fauna, who speak english and some spanish in order to be able to attend the tourists. This project has been financed by the 
City Council of Calella, Barcelona (SPAIN)

On December 2008 we opened a small vegetarian restaurant (as there are none in the village). A voluntary worker gave a trainning course to the staff in charge. On one hand the restaurant also has created jobs for the students from our school, who have created the local association called kasumay, and on the other hand the benefits are used to cover the school expenses.

From the first of January 2010 we can confirm that we are now economically self sufficient, consequently for the running of the school we do no need any external funding.


Literacy center for adults
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