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It is a very small pleasant fishing village located by the sea with a large beach surrounded by 14 islands.

The region is very rich in fauna and vegetation; especially it offers a large variety of bird’s species.

The economy of the village is based on fishing, agriculture and nowadays also tourism (mainly coming from France) is increasing in the area.  It should be pointed out that Kafountine has the most important fishing harbour of the region.



Sunny days are guaranteed in Senegal, as it is one of the countries with  more sun in the world (Approximately  3000 hours per year)

There are two seasons:

- A rainy season, from the month of June to September approximately, unless it comes earlier or finishes later.

- A dry season, from November to May.

The coolest period is between December and the middle of February, the average daytime temperatures are around 24Cº.  During the month of October and November, the middle of February and April, the maximum temperatures rise to 26Cº. From July to September, the hottest months can reach 30Cº.

The climate is similar, apart from the rainy season, to the climate of the Canary Islands.

Health recommendations

It is highly recommended to visit a doctor or the local tropical diseases centre in order to get information about all the vaccines necessary.

The vaccines which are currently recommended are the yellow fever and the tetanus.But it may be necessary to get other vaccines.

Anyway all the windows from the lodging houses are protected with mosquito nets.

We recommend that travellers who are under special medical treatment during their stay (Ex. antiobiotics, antihistamines, antidepressants, etc.) should bring their medical prescriptions with them.

What is there to do in Kafountine and it's surroundings?

To get to us, you can come either: 

Via Dakar:  With Air Europa, Iberia, Tap Portugal, Air Royal Marocco and others.

The best way to travel to Casamance from Dakar is by boat, which leaves every tuesday and friday afternoon. If you don not want to spend too long in dakar please remember these days before you buy your flight ticket.

We can put you in touch with one of our collaborators in Dakar who can meet you on arrival and help you to buy the boat tickets in advance. Please get in touch with us by e-mail if you are interested.

Via Banjul (Gambia): With Spanair (direct from Barcelona), Air Royal Marocco, Air Brussels, First Choice, Thomson, Monarch and others. If you are coming from the UK there are several other options to fly to Gambia.

As Kafountine (Senegal) is only 2 hours away from Banjul airport, we have our own transport to meet you. For more details pleas see How you can participate at our own homepage.  

Around Kafountine, there is a great variety of excursions and activities to suit everyone, such as;  

dibujitoTake a local boat “pirogue”  around the islands to bird watch, a paradise for ornithologists. Optional camping.

dibujitoVisit the National Park of Lower Casamance, it covers up a region of approximately 35.000 hectares, where there are various areas rich in vegetation and fauna (buffaloes, red monkeys, leopards, crocodiles and lots of different bird species).

dibujitoJoin the local fishermen in their daily fishing work, or you can also organize a separate excursion to fish using the local methods also sport fishing is available.

dibujitoIn the evenings there is a great variety of events with traditional music and dance.

dibujito Excursions with local guides, trecking or cicling, to nearbyvillages and islands.

dibujito Music Festival of Abéné (january), Carnival of Kafountine (february), traditional Diola fighting and other festivities throughout the year.

For the most adventurous travellers who would like to visit Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry, we can provide update information and contacts.

For more information you can check the following web sites; http://www.casamance.net/, http://www.kafountine.info

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